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What is Pre-Order?

You can make Pre-Order if the product is no longer available in our stock.

Are all products available for Pre-Order?

No. Pre-Order only available for certain shoes and bags. We do not cater any custom designs or colors.

How to make a Pre-Order?

Contact us through :

BBM         : 2761CF71

LINE            : @shoetopia_id (include @ symbol)

Email           : iloveshoetopia@gmail.com

How long it is to Pre-Order?

Pre-Order process may take up 1 - 2 months. Will be proceed after we receive your deposit payment.

How much is the cost for Pre-Order?

You must to pay Deposit 50% of the price of the item you want to order. Price is subject to change anytime according to the production cost. Total cost will be charged when you make your final payment.

If the items you pre-order is Sale items, you will be charged in normal price. Vouchers, Discount and any promotions are not valid for Pre-Order.

Can I cancel my Pre-Order?

No. You can not cancel your Pre-Order for any reasons if you already make your deposit payment and productions is on process. If you cancel it your deposit payment will be charged.

Cancelation will only valid when there are mistakes from ShoeTopia. When production process is not able to proceed we will notify you for more options.

Can I change my Pre-Order?

No. You can not change item's model, size or colors of your Pre-Order. Any changes will be consider as cancelation and you will need to repay 50% deposit. (Read cancelation terms)

Can I exchange my Pre-Order?

No. You can not exchange or refund your Pre-Order for any reasons. Any exchanges will be consider as cancelation (Read cancelation terms).

Please make sure you check the item's model, size chart and colors to avoid any mistakes.

When will I receive my Pre-Order items?

We will notify you when your Pre-Order is finished. You must pay maximum 3x24 hours after we notify you.

If you are not paying after 3x24 hours we will release the items to our store (website) for selling and your deposit will be charged as cancelation fee.

Shipment will be done 1 (one) day after you complete your payment. Lead time for shipping according to the shipping fee of your choice,

Please read the terms and conditions carefully before make any order.


Do you offer exchange?

Yes. You can make an exchange within 7 days after you received your order. Exchange only applicable for shoes size. Do not applicable for Sale Items, Special Price Items, Bags, Accesories and Pre Order Items.

How can I process to exchange?

  • Contact us through BBM/LINE/Email for Exchange Request. Maximum 1 x 24 hours after you received your order.
  • After approval, Re-pack the product completed with its original packaging, price tag and receipt.
  • Fill up the attached Exchange form and send it with the product to our address.
  • Make sure the package are received by SHOETOPIA in 7 days after Exchange request made.
  • We will check and process your exchange and ship the new product within 3 - 5 working days.
  • Exhchange can only be made 1 time.
  • You will be responsible for all Shipping fee for Exchange Process.
What can I do if the product I want to exchange is no longer available?

  • If the size you would like to exchange is no longer in stock, you will have to exchange to other colors or other products with same price or more. (Additional fee will be charged)
  • SHOETOPIA do not issue money refund or store credit for Exchange.
  • You can choose your Exchange product maximum within 3 days after we received your product.
What is your Exchange policy?

  • Product is completed with its original packaging, price tag, label as we ship it to you.
  • Product is not used, wash, soaked, bleach. Product must be in good and original condition.
  • Any defect during shipping process causing us unable to exchange are not our responsibility.
  • Vouchers are not applicable for exchange.
Is there any Additional Charge for Exchange?

SHOETOPIA will not charge any additional fee for exchange within products with same price.
Shipping fee is charged accordingly to the courier service and will be fully charged to the customers.

What is your refund policy?

SHOETOPIA will only do refund when there is a mistake on our side, as stated below:
  • We send the wrong products
  • We send defective products that are not wearable.
* Policy on Refundable fee will be adaptable to the conditions. Contact us for more informations.

We strictly don’t accept any exchange or refund for reasons as dislike after receiving the product, style doesn’t match, colour doesn’t match, etc as a personal reason.

How long I can receive my refund?

Your refund will be process within 7 working days.