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How to choose the Perfect Wedding Shoes


Your big day is approaching. Having to choose perfect wedding shoes is not simple task, Bridal shoes must complete your whole appearance, it has to complement the look and match perfectly with the dress. Therefore you also don't want to sacrifice your comfort, you want to feel comfortable while mingle with your guests and dancing all night long without worrying about any blisters the next day. Most brides give away too large amount of money for them, for a pair that you will probably wear them only once, at most twice in your life. But is it really the perfect pair? Here are some tips to choose the perfect bridal shoes

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Walk with Patricia Gouw


So proud to be worn by Patricia Gouw at Insert Siang Trans TV 7 Oct 2016 and Kelly Tandiono's catwalk for Jakarta Fashion Week 24 Oct 2016

Insert Trans TV

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5 Ways to Buy Heels that won't hurt


We have a love-hate relationship with heels. One night it make you feel like you own the world but leave you scarred with blisters the next morning. What to do? Get smarter about heel purchases.

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New Shoes? Blisters no more


You just bought a new shoes made of genuine leather which you believe it will be very comfortable to wear and will not cause blisters. And...oops you still got blisters and scratches from wearing it.

"Genuine Leathesr shoes will not cause blisters" , "Genuine leather shoes will always be comfortable and softer to wear" , "The beter the shoes quality, the softer it wll be" are some of the most common perceptions you got. Well you got it it wrong.

A good leather are not always the softest, in fact it will be hard and sustainit shapes until you wear it and it will adapt to the shape of your feet and it will become softer and more supple after sevral wears


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You just bought a handbag and you hope it will be durable enough for your daily activities but its leather start to crack. Who to blame? Is it the brand? Is it the quality? Is it the store?

Most of you love to buy bags, I mean who doesn’t? But usually we do not taking care of it properly. You’ll think it must be durable enough to contain all your stuffs and the more expensive the bag, you’ll wear it less and you’ll keep it in your wardrobe for a long time.

But in the long run, the wear and tear will start showing in your purse if you don’t take care of it, even when you rarely wear it. So these are few simple tips to maintain the pristine quality of your purse.

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Is buying cheap shoes really worth it?


Many of you are thinking, cheaper price meaning better investment. Especially for fashion item such as shoes that most people think of it just as a practical item.

Averagely, people will say; “Why should I pay Rp.300.000 for one pair when I can get three for the same amount?” The point is logical but do you know that it cause you more troubles than saving money?

For those who still avoid putting more money into shoes…

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The 7 Pairs of Shoes Every Woman Should Own


Styles come and go with endless choices of styles, designs, and colors. But Classic styles are eternal. Here are 7 pairs of shoes to keep you on the “fashion it girl” status

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How to buy a Good Quality Heels


Every woman loves to do a shoes shopping. However, how many of you regret it after you splurge? Your heels isn't as comfortable as it is when you try it on at the store? Or it's has wobbly heels after you walk several steps?

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DIY Foot Spa


As i promise in earlier article, here's some foot treatment that you can make at home. Easy and simple steps with everyday ingredients that you can find in your kitchen!

Going to attend Christmas party and New Year Party? Who doesn't want a smooth and gorgeous leg to dance all night long, right? Or maybe you're going to the beach? Or you just want to pampered yourself after a long day?

After all, Us girls need to get pampered anyway

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How To Make High Heel Shoes Comfortable


Like it or not, heels will always be part of our staple fashion. And…No. Us girls aren’t going to be ditching high heels. But why not make them more bearable and more comfortable?

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