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Is buying cheap shoes really worth it?




Like what we always say “Your shoes tell a story about you”. Here are some few examples that could happen in our daily life, when you see someone with dirty looking, low quality shoes, what is your first thought that goes through your mind? Of course you will think that this person does not particularly hold on her appearance, that she is a sloppy one, that she is an old fashion, that she is not fashionable or trendy.

In other case, you see someone with a very trendy appearance, wearing the latest design shoe that is currently on trend but it is ill fitting. It does not flatter her, it does not support her feet in the correct way and she has trouble to walk? What is in your mind?

I’m not saying the more expensive it is, the better it is. Some brands are expensive just because of they are an already famous brands and yes, they mark up their price ridiculously. What you should be considering in buying shoes is way more than just the style which lead us to the next point




I must say, the better the quality the more it will be comfortable and quality does come with a price. Averagely, you wear shoes up to 12 hours maximum, imagine what pain you would live through when you spend all day in shoes that harm or chafe your feet. Wearing low quality shoes with low quality materials and bad fitting on your feet are not only harming your reputation but also bad for your health.

Low quality shoes does not made of a good materials, it is not flexible enough to support your feet which can cause you muscle and bone illness, and many of those shoes (Rp.100.000 for 3 pairs anyone?) are contain harmful chemical that can cause you more serious health problems such as brain damage, heart diseases, blood diseases and others (no kidding, you can look it up!)




Good Quality shoes are usually made by a reputable shoes factory that will not only consider it sales but also how it will sustain. Shoes are not only about designs, it must also consider about how it was made, what it made of, the wear ability, and many more. So always make sure two things when you buy shoes; that your shoes are made of good quality materials, especially natural materials like leather and suede that are extremely comfortable and durable. The second always buy shoes that are well made.

Try to do the calculation, when you buy a shoes for Rp.100.000 that will last for a month then you have to buy a new shoes every month, in a year you would spend Rp.1.200.000 for shoes, compare it with a Rp.300.000 shoes that could last for example 6 months (believe me it mostly could last more than a year), in a year you’d only need Rp.600.000. Half of it!! And you can even spend it for more shoes!!

I’m very sure you would prefer a shoe which you can wear for a long time rather than buying cheaper price that will only last for few months and of course you wouldn’t want your friends thinking that you are the sloppy one, aren’t you?