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New Shoes? Blisters no more


New Leather Shoes are stiff and cause fractions because its leather has not been exposed to air and moisture. Those shoes needs some stretch to adapt with the shape of your feet. These are few tricks to make your shoes be more comfortable :


1. Adapt your feet with the shoes


Wear the shoes around the house. Wear it to do daily chores, this way you can adapt to the shoes and be more comfortable wearing it outside. Start to wear it for 10 minutes for couple days and gradually wear it longer until you can wear it comfortably for at least 1 hour. At this stage the shoes should have been adapt to ypur feet and the leather will be get more supple.


Wear it to work. When you go to work, wear your old shoes. Especially if you have to walk. When you sit behind your desk, change to your new shoes and do some stretching on your ankle and try to wear it to walk around your desk.


Wear with socks. This way, you can avoid scratches and blisters. Wear thick socks and push it to the new shoes to help it stretch.


2. Stretching your shoes


Hairdryer and Socks. use hairdryer on your socks for about 2 minutes and wear it with your shoes while it still warm. The heat from the socks can help to soften the leather - Good to use on flat shoes and pump shoes.


Vaseline or Deodorant. If your shoes causing fractions on certain spot, put some vaseline or deodorant on that spots. It will create a layers that can decrease scratches from the shoes. Best to wear for High Heels or Sandals with straps


Make sure your feet are dry before you wear your shoes. Wet skin will be easier to get scars so make sure you dry your feet before ypu put on your shoes.


Freezing Shoes. Take a ziplock bag (16cm x 15cm), fill it with water, put it inside your shoes and freeze it. The freezing process will give pressure to the shoes and it will ve able to stretch it.


Be carefull with this method, Better to use on shoes with water resistance. Do not use it on Suede, Fabric or Velvet.


Shoe stretcher. If your shoes is bendable, bend it back and forth for couple minute or buy a shoe stretcher, this tool can bend the shoes and stretch the leather depends on your needs. Put on the shoe stretcher and leave it over night, wear the shoes afterwards because it will loosing it shapes if you are not wearing it. Repeat few times until the shoes feel comfortable.

You can also go to the cobbler or shoes shops where you buy that shoes. Usually they will have a shoe stretcher machine. Ask the shoes shop if they can give you discount fee or free service.


Shoe stretcher spray. Spray it on your shoes while you bend the shoes back and forth.




- For emergency, always keep band aid in your bag. When you feel some scratch in your feet, wear the band aid to avoid fractions.


- Get to know your shoes so you can choose the best method


- Measure your feet so you can choose the right size.