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How to choose the Perfect Wedding Shoes


Wedding shoes are not for sale in any shoes store, they are either made ​​by order or else purchased in specialized wedding stores, which usually provide some selection of shoes to go with the dress. Usually you can rent it together with dress but most of the time it has poor quality, and not so pretty for photo as many wedding dress rental think the shoes are hidden under the dress anyway.

In order to choose the perfect one, First you have to plan everything so that you can obtain the shoes earlier. Think about the height, how tall will you be comfortable with. Do Not choose high heels that you are not used to walk in it. Remember that you will wear the shoes all night and even the whole day. Going for wedding shoes earlier also give you time if you need to replace them for example, because the height of the heel will depend on how long the hem of the dress is or in case you are not feeling comfortable with the shoes.

If you prefer your shoes in other than white or cream color, try Silver or Gold or pick the color of the ornaments on the dress. You can also match it with the color accent of the jewelry to go with the shoes in order to combine all the accessories together.

Do not cheat on the cheap shoes. There is no rule which states that the expensive ones must be comfortable but You must choose the best quality, it has to be made in best materials and craftsmanship.

Pay attention to the fact that you will be standing for hours and you will have to dance with the shoes you have chosen, so do not take the first super sleek, with a thin heel. Strappy shoes is a NO since it's straps will cause you blister marks when you stand too long. Choose shoes with wider toe box or open toe, even better with front platform so you won't feel like you're standing too high. Let the shoe be comfortable and hold your ankle, in order to feel no pain in the legs for days or else even on the wedding day you will have to take them off..

Once you buy the shoes that meet all of the conditions and your inner sense, it is time to stretch them - check our articles on how to stretch your new shoes. Do not wait for the wedding day to be the first in which to wear them, because you might be unpleasantly surprised. In order to relax the leather or the material from which they are produced, practice to walk with them around the house, or get off and climb an indoor staircase if you have one. This will prepare you for the big day and you will not be worried about sore feet or blisters that appear after the first dance.

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Have a Happy Wedding!