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How to Order

1. Browse your desired items from our products. Click "Detail" to check color and stock availability.

2. Once you've done, click "Add to chart". Your order will be added to the shopping chart. Click "detail" on upper right side to check your total purchase.

3. Click "Check Out" to finish shopping. Fill in the form, select your prefered delivery method and fill in voucher code (if applicable) and click "check out". Make sure you fill in a valid email address, we will send your order notification to your email.

4. Make a payment to one of our Bank Account. Your order will remain available for sale and will be automatically canceled if you do not confirm your payment in 1 x 24 hours.

5. Click "Payment Confirmation" and fill in your payment details. We will process your order after receiving your payment confirmation. Your Air Waybill Number will be sent to your email. Click "Check Order" to track your order status.